Family Housing Service Center

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Family Housing Service Center


Contact us

Phone 011-82-55-540-5454
Phone (DSN) 315-762-5454

Phone 011-82-51-714-0843(Busan Office)

Fax 011-82-55-546-5319

Central Email: M-KO-CFAC-Housing-DS-US@OCONUS.NAVY.MIL

Mon – Fri 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sat (Apr - Oct) 8:00 am – 12:00 pm


Government Housing

There are 50 family housing units available for military personnel.  We have some of best housing that you will see in the Navy. We will assist you to make your stay in government quarters a pleasant one. We will continually strive to ensure you receive the highest quality service. All furniture and appliances are provided in the housing units and the government provided furniture in the quarter cannot be removed. Family Housing is unable to store your excess furniture. 



? Application

Applicants for Government quarters will submit an Application and Assignment to Military Family Housing, DD Form 1746, along with a copy of their orders to the housing organization at the Field Activity where they are seeking housing. Application forms and orders may be submitted by mail, in person by the sponsor, or by a member of the sponsor's immediate family. Application may be submitted at any time following the receipt of homeport or permanent change of station (PCS) orders. The housing organization, upon receipt of a member's application, will immediately provide the member with a Status of Housing Availability, (DD Form 1747), to inform them of the conditions of assignment to, or the availability of, family housing.



? Eligibility 

Military family housing is available to: Active duty service members with Command-sponsored family members, Married active duty members who are both assigned to Chinhae, DoD civilian employees with Command-sponsored family members and transportation agreements.

This includes single parents with legal custody of Command-sponsored children who live with them for at least 9 consecutive months of the year. In some instances, people eligible for housing may not be assigned housing or housing may be unavailable.(UCMJ)


? Availability

On base housing is generally available to all command sponsored active duty personnel with minimal or no waiting periods. Playgrounds are located within housing areas. Youth Center, picnic areas, gym, bowling center, commissary, exchange, chapel, library are within walking distance to on base housing.


? Household Goods (HHG)

Prior to shipping household goods, contact the CNRK Regional Housing Office in Chinhae, Korea at DSN: 315-763-5454, Comm:011-82-0503-363-5454, Email: Local and on base storage for excess HHG does not exist. On base housing in Chinhae is fully furnished. Personnel living on base will be limited to 2,500 pounds (net) or 25 percent (net) of weight allowance, whichever is greater. Members who receive authorization from a Chain of Commander to reside off base will be authorized the full weight allowance listed in the JTR.

HEAT(Housing Early Assistance Tool)

Navy Housing has developed HEAT to assist service members (SVM) and their families in applying for housing Navywide. HEAT allows SVMs and their families to apply for housing at one or more Navy installations online before or after they receive their Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders. HEAT creates an easy user experience. Spouses can use the application as well, needing only minimal information about their SVM.


Off-Base Housing

Korean housing has greatly improved in the quality and quantity area, but it is still difficult to completely meet the U.S. Standard such as size, electric voltage, garage, etc. 

Service members or DoD Civilians who want to reside in off-base units are highly recommended going through the Housing Service Center in order to get better service, prevent complication such as financial dispute or eviction that may occur and affect prompt move-in. Landlord or realtor must submit Property Ownership document for housing review and verification. All off-base housing units must be certified as adequate by housing representative. Housing is the approval authority on entitlements. Additionally, you can not change off-base units without prior inspection and certification of the unit. For service members in Chinhae and Busan, Lease, relocation, additional personnel add or other changes affecting your entitlements will only be accomplished by the Housing Service Center.

? How is Housing Referral Service (HRS) Processed?

- Stop by the Housing Service Center to be briefed HRS.

- Searching property 

        - Option 1: By Him/Herself

        - Option 2: Authorizes Realtor by HSC (Recommended to avoid issues)

        - Option 3: Local Realtors

- Schedule appointments to look around houses or apartments with realtors. If selected, the authorized realtors conduct pre-


- Meeting at the selected property and make a lease agreement. The Housing Service Center will assist in completing the necessary


- Housing staff reviews and approves the necessary documentation.

- Forward the completed documentation to CFAC/CNFK Admin department for Service Member and to HRO for DoD Civilian member

assigned to CFAC, to HRO Taegu for civilian personnel assigned to DECA or Army Base.


? Referral Processing Requirements (Military / Civilian)


*Military Service Member*
- Service member’s PCS order
- Housing Application form (DD Form 1746)
- Sex Offender Policy Acknowledgement and Disclosure Form (CNIC 11103/1).
- Command Sponsorship for dependents if family members.
- Dependency Application Record of Emergency Data (NAVPERS 1070/602)
- CNA (Certificate of Non Availability), if active duty member stays in the barracks.
- Official chit with an approval for OHA entitlement/Off base housing thru a Chain of Commander.

*DoD Civilian Member*
- TCS Order (DD Form 1614) or Transportation Agreement (DD Form 1617)
- Letter of Employment