Youth Program

CFA Chinhae CYP offers a great place for youth ages 12-18 to socialize, study, and participate in programmed activities that encourage the development of positive values, educational skills, and physical fitness. With access to video games, computers, a foosball table, and board games, there is a little of something for everyone! Our teen center is open daily and when schools are not in session. Additionally, our CYP offers monthly sports clinics for children, youth, and their families. These clinics include activities such as; basketball, baseball/softball, flag football, soccer, and more! Check out our monthly calendar for special events and high-interest activities geared towards youth ages 10-18.  To participate in these programs, please ensure that your youth has a complete and up-to-date registration on file with Chinhae CYP.

Youth Sponsorship

As you prepare to transition to a new country and duty station, it is important to consider the challenges that our youth may face as they transition to a new school. Youth Sponsorship helps to connect children moving to new locations with children that are already there. This enables youth to make a smooth transition and be able to know at least one person when they arrive.

If you would like your child(ren) in grades 6-12 to have a Youth Sponsor, please fill out the short form in the Downloads section with your student(s), and email the completed form to

Quarterly Youth Sponsorship Hail and Farewell events are held for youth in grades 6-12. Please check out the CYP calendar for more information about the next Hail and Farewell event.

If you are already in Chinhae (and are in grades 6-12) and would like to be a Youth Sponsor, please fill out the form in the Downloads section, and email the completed form to