Transition Assistance

What is Transition GPS?

Transition GPS (previously known as TAPS) is a redesigned transition assistance program that ensures service members and their families are well prepared for civilian life. The program provides separating/retiring service members and their families with the skills, tools, and self-confidence necessary to successfully re-enter into the civilian workforce, pursue higher education or technical training, or retire. Active duty Sailors must sign up for the class through their designated Command Career Counselor.


This 5-day curriculum ensures service members are adequately prepared for civilian life by meeting specific Career Readiness Standards (CRS) during their transition process. Participants will depart the military “career ready” and with strategies that augment the job search process in today's market.

When to attend?
Active duty members may attend Transition GPS 12 months prior to separation or 24 months prior to retirement, and is required no later than 90 days prior to separation.
* Please refer to “Plain Talk for Sailors” for your complete Transition Countdown.

Pre-Separation Counseling (Workshop Prerequisite)

The first step in the transition process is pre-separation counseling and it provided by the service member’s designated Command Career Counselor. During the appointment, service members will complete VA eBenefits registration, discuss documents needed for T-GPS, and complete the Pre-separation Counseling Checklist eForm 2648, which is to be signed by the service member and the Command Career Counselor prior to attending the five-day T-GPS workshop.

Workshop Schedule

Day 1: Transition overview, resilient transitions, financial planning, and Military Occupational Code (MOC) Crosswalk
Days 2 - 4: Department of Labor Employment Workshop
Day 5: Department of Veterans Affairs: Overview of VA Benefits

Check-in begins Mondays at 7:30 am and Tuesday - Friday classes begin at 7:30 am.

What to bring to T-GPS workshop:

  • Proof of VA eBenefits registration (non-CAC login)
  • Verification of Military Experience and Training (VMET)
  • Joint Service Transcript (JST)
  • Credit Report (
  • Last three Evaluations
  • Notebook, pen, USB drive, laptop
  • It is also recommended that the service member bring a copy of a personality assessment (such as O*Net).
  • Students will also be filling out a Financial Planning Worksheet in preparation for the mandatory Capstone event.


Attendance to all portions of Transition GPS is mandated so personnel should not stand command duties and appointments must not be scheduled during class. Active duty service members must sign up through their Command Career Counselors. Spouses are welcome and encouraged to accompany their service member to the course if space is available. Note: Spouses may attend without the service member.

Attire will be appropriate business casual civilian attire or the uniform of the day. Grooming standards apply and are enforced.

Executive Transition GPS

Executive Transition GPS provides separating and retiring service members (E9, W4/W5, O5, O6) and their families with the skills, tools, and self-confidence necessary to successfully re-enter the civilian work force. If you would like to attend this T-GPS track, please contact the Work & Family Life Specialist for more information. 

For more information about other T-GPS Tracks, check out our T-GPS Training Tracks informational handout in the downloads section of this page. 


Capstone is the final step of the transition process and is mandatory. This event evaluates preparedness to successfully transition from a military to civilian career and to validate that CRS are met. If additional assistance is needed, transition staff will provide a warm handover to the appropriate partner agency or local resource (i.e. Department of Labor, Veterans Affairs, WorkSource, etc.).

When to attend?
Capstone reservations must be made by Command Career Counselors after completing Pre-separation Counseling and the Transition GPS 5-day workshop. Service members are required to complete the Capstone event no later than 90 days before separation.

What to bring to Capstone:

  • Prepared 12-month post-separation budget (Financial Planning Worksheet)
  • Proof of eBenefits registration (non-CAC login)
  • Completed Gap Analysis
  • Licensure, certification and apprenticeship documentation if applicable
  • Completed job application package: resume, references, and two completed job applications or a job offer letter
  • Copy of completed “assessment tool” such as O*Net or Kuder Assessment

* Transition consultants go over each of these items in depth during the 5-day Transition GPS workshop.