MWR Movie Theater


The CFAC Movie Theater is located next to the Community Recreation Center and is open Thursday-Sunday.  Showing upwards of six movies a week, the CFAC Theater offers a variety of movies from new releases to classic favorites. Tickets, popcorn and water are available for purchase at the Community Recreation desk. 3rd Deck Eatery offers a full menu of quick service items on Tuesday to Saturday.

You can always check out the MWR movie schedule below and @ Navy Motion Pictures Online


Saturday - April 20, 2024
Time Movie Rating Runtime
1:00 PM Kung Fu Panda 4 pg 94 min
3:30 PM The American Society of Magical Negroes pg13 104 min
6:00 PM Immaculate r 89 min
Sunday - April 21, 2024
Time Movie Rating Runtime
1:00 PM Arthur the King pg13 107 min
4:00 PM Late Night with the Devil r 93 min