Ombudsman Program

An Ombudsman is a spouse volunteer appointed by the Commanding Officer to serve as a liaison between command leadership and Navy families. Ombudsmen are trained to disseminate information both up and down the chain of command, including official Department of Navy and command-specific information, command climate issues, local quality of life (QOL) improvement opportunities, and “good deals” around the community.

Ombudsmen also provide resources and referrals when needed. They are instrumental in resolving family issues before the issues require extensive command attention.  The Ombudsman Program is primarily shaped by the needs of the Commanding Officer and his/her community. 

Fleet & Family Support Program (FFSP) offers basic Ombudsman training locally and coordinates with other sites and regions to provide on-going and advanced Ombudsmen training opportunities. For Ombudsmen training information, class registration, or other inquiries, call or email the Ombudsmen Coordinator at FFSP. 

Ombudsman Basic Training

Ombudsman Basic Training (OBT) is a multi-day, modular course designed and standardized by Commander, Navy Installation Command (CNIC). This training introduces new Ombudsman to all aspects of the Navy Family Ombudsman Program, provides resources and information, and builds the skills necessary to be an effective Ombudsman. Topics covered in the Basic Training course include but are not limited to:

  • Ombudsman Code of Ethics,
  • Establishing Effective Working Relationships,
  • Deployment,
  • Local Resources,
  • Ombudsman's Role in Command Emergencies and Natural Disasters,
  • Active Listening Skills,

Getting Started

All newly appointed or prospective Ombudsmen, Command Leadership, and Command Leadership Spouses are invited to attend Ombudsman Basic Training. Basic Training sessions are held at the Fleet & Family Support Office in Chinhae. Email for more information. Sponsoring commands should provide participants with the Navy Family Ombudsman Program Manual, available in our downloads section.