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Chinhae is located at the Southeast tip of the Republic of Korea (ROK). The city of Chinhae is home to the largest ROK Navy base, as well as the only U.S. Navy base in the ROK. The base is about 10 minutes from downtown Chinhae, 20 minutes from downtown Changwon, 1-1.5 hours from downtown Busan (by car), and 5 hours from Seoul (by car, KTX train is 3 hours).


The temperatures in Chinhae are typically moderate. The average temperature ranges from about 35 (degrees Fahrenheit) in January to about 80 in August. Spring and fall are very pleasant and correspond to several festivals worth visiting. The summer months correspond with monsoon season and often bring plenty of rain. It becomes very humid in the summer; the winter months are quite dry.

Base population

CFAC is home to approximately 160 military personnel, 100 Family Members, 12 U.S. DoD civilians and 143 ROK civilian employees.

Base Facilities

Commander Fleet Activities Chinhae has an AAFES Shop (Exchange), Military Post Office, Chapel, Commissary, 2 ATMs, Community Bank, Medical Clinic, swimming pool, library, softball field, Community Recreation Center, multi-purpose court, BBQ grills and pavilions, playgrounds, Relocation/Education/and Transition Office, snack bar and a full restaurant and bar.

MWR Facilities

A full range of MWR facilities and activities exist, including trips and tours throughout the region, Navy Motion Picture Theater, a jogging/walking trail, a picnic pavilion, a fitness center with a 24-hour cardio room, a full-size gymnasium, a golf practice cage, Liberty programs, softball field, bowling center, tennis courts, swimming pool, Child & Youth Programs and an All Hands Club.

Medical Facilities

A Medical Clinic staffed by a U.S. Navy Doctor exists on base. 

Mailing Address

While stationed in Chinhae, your mailing address will be:

Your Name Here
PSC 479, Box xxx
FPO, AP 96269-xxxx

Please do not address any mail to "General Delivery" or “Any Sailor” it will be returned to sender. Any questions can be referred to the CFAC Post Office, PSC 479, FPO AP 96269-1000. DSN 315-762-5304 or Commercial: 011-82-55-540-5304.


A full seabag is a must! Combat Utilities Uniforms are worn for Commander, Fleet Activities, and Naval Communications Detachment. Most uniforms are not readily stocked at the Chinhae exchange! They must be ordered from Japan or online. The number to the Uniform Center in Yokosuka, Japan is DSN 315-227-6736.


Tour extensions (also known as OTEIP) are welcomed and highly encouraged, as they create continuity in conducting the mission in Chinhae. You will also be eligible for one of four benefits such as 30 days of free leave. For more information please see the CCC once onboard.

Spouse/Dependent Employment Opportunities 

Full-time professional employment for spouses is very limited on base. Part-time positions may be available through MWR, Community Bank, the Commissary, the Public Affairs Office, and C.T. Joy Elementary School.

Child Youth Programs 

The Child Youth Programs Center includes several childcare program options to meet parents’ needs. Activities for families and children include youth sports, crafts, holiday parties, Boys & Girls Club of America Programming and a 4-H Club. Recent activities included a walking trip to the Jinhae Market and Friday afternoon pizza & movies.

Passport/Visa/License Requirements 

You are required to have a valid state driver's license when you report to CFAC.  Please make yourself aware of the REAL ID Act requirements. Active Duty Servicemembers are not required to have a passport while assigned duty in Korea. However, if you plan to travel internationally while stationed here (and you should!) you will find it beneficial to obtain a tourist passport. Dependents are required to have a no-fee passport and Multiple Entry Visa. Necessary visas will be obtained during your onboarding. If you are expecting visitors, note that U.S. citizens do not need a visa to enter the Republic of Korea for tourism purposes unless they plan to stay more than 90 days.

Weight restrictions 

Personnel are restricted to 2,000 pounds or 25 percent of their normal weight limitation for shipment of HHG, whichever is greater. Unaccompanied personnel E-5 and below are not authorized to ship a POV to Korea.


The Korean unit of currency is the Won. The exchange rate to U.S. dollars varies but is often near 1:1. There are two ATMs on the base and Korean won can be withdrawn using your ATM card. Community Bank account holders can exchange at the bank.

Electrical Appliances

On base, electrical power is the same voltage (110/115) and outlets are the same as in the U.S. Off-base Korean electrical service is 220 volts. Ensure your appliance is of the correct voltage before plugging it in. You may need to get a step-up or step-down transformer. Korean outlets are different than outlets in the U.S. adaptors are required to use U.S. products in Korean outlets or vice versa.

Safety and Health

Most base residents do not report having problems drinking local water or eating in local restaurants. The base water is chlorinated and safe to drink. As a pedestrian or driver, do not expect right-of-way courtesies in Korean traffic. Korea has the highest incidence of pedestrian and vehicular accidents in the world.


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