School Liaison Officer

School Liaison Officer (SLO)

The School Liaison Officer serves the entire K-12 population regardless of where they are educated.  School Liaison Officers are employed to help navigate academic pressures on military children and their families as they move around the world and transfer between school systems. The Navy SLO is here to assist families stationed in Busan and in Chinhae with any school related needs or questions.

What is a School Liaison Officer?

The School Liaison Officer serves as the liaison between the installation commander, military agencies, and schools by providing assistance in matters pertaining to student education. The School Liaison Officer also implements the Navy’s Strategic Planning for Education Advocacy K-12 recommendations in order to ensure Navy families have access to quality educational opportunities. School Liaison Officers level the playing field for military children by ensuring maximum educational opportunities for academic success.

Why Are School Liaison Officers Needed?

School transition and deployment support is a Navy readiness and retention issue. The Navy will benefit from having Sailors who are able to focus on their duties, whether ashore or deployed.

• Navy families move their children an average of every 2.9 years.
• Children of military personnel attend up to 9 different schools by graduation.
• Military families are reluctant to disrupt high school youth in their senior year.
• Deployments can impact educational outcomes of children.
• Many families decide to “separate geographically” to keep kids in their current school.

Families - Contact your School Liaison Officer for help with:

• Inbound/outbound school transfer
• Local schools and boundaries
• Finding the right school
• Understanding special education
• Meeting graduation requirements
• Finding military and local support services
• Home schooling support
• Preparing for college and scholarship information

Local School Information and Links:

Non-DoD School Program

The Non-DoD School Program (NDSP) is an option for command sponsored families stationed outside of the United States where DODEA schools are not available. The NDSP allows families to choose a school for their children, when a DODEA school is not available. The NDSP does not inspect or certify schools; families are given the opportunity to select the school that works best for the needs of their children. Under the ‘downloads’ section, please click on the link for the education resource guide for families in Chinhae and Busan, “Connected.” This resource guide features the current education options for children in lieu of a DoDEA school. Below the link to the education resource guide, you will find a link to a map that has the approximate locations to all of the schools that are mentioned in the education resource guide.

For more information on the NDSP and how it will support your child’s education needs while stationed overseas, please visit their website at, or please contact the School Liaison Officer at 055.540.5381 or

NDSP Sponsor Orientation:


Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

Due to limited resources, Busan and Chinhae are not duty location that support EFMP. Please visit the EFMP website at for more information.

Information on Home Based Study

The NDSP supports families who choose home based study as the education option that their children pursue. Please visit the NDSP site at for more information on home based study and how the program can support you and your family with this education option.

Guide to Online Schools:

Department of State Homeschooling Information:

Military Interstate Children's Compact Commission:

Youth Sponsorship

As you prepare to transition to a new country and duty station, it is important to consider the challenges that our youth may face as they transition to a new school. Youth Sponsorship helps to connect children moving to new locations with children that are already there. This enables youth to make a smooth transition and be able to know at least one person when they arrive.


Anchored4Life is a resiliency program developed by Trevor Romain. The program aims to help children in military families with some of the hardships and challenges that they may face throughout their life. Some of the topics that Anchored4Life helps with supporting children and their families are transition support, deployments, divorce and bullying to name a few. Currently, Anchored4Life is implemented within Busan Foreign School, Busan International Foreign School and CFAC Child and Youth Programs. 

For more information on Anchored4Life, please their website at


Other Useful Links:

Military Child Education Coalition:
National Military Family Association:
Navy Before and After School Care:
Military One Source (Transition Information):
Military Teens on the Move:

Community Resources:

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