The base aquatic facility has two pools available;  A main swimming pool and children's wading pool.  Only patrons 16 years of age or older that can swim and children between the ages of 10 and 15 that have passed the deep end proficiency test are authorized past the five foot mark without specific supervision.  Children under the age of 10 who have passed the deep end proficiency test may be in the deep end and only under supervision of a patron who is 16 years of age or older and who is capable of swimming.



As of FY16, Category "A" function- There is no cost for military water related training.  The pool is available at no cost for families of military members.  Active Duty Members performing the PRT are free.  Mandatory two-person buddy system is recommended. All non-DOD guests will pay $3.00 per daily use.  Our 10-Day swimming pass with 10 day punch ticket with eleventh visit free- $30.00


Children's Wading Pool:

The Wading pool rules are in addition to, and supplement, the posted Swimming Pool Rules:

The pool is intended for use by infants, toddlers, and children under 6 years old
Children must be accompanied by, and under the direct supervision of a patron, whose minimum age is 16
Maximum Pool Capacity is 15
Aquatic Devices or toys are not permitted in the pool enclosure.  These items include but are not limited to; rafts, kickboards, inner tubes, SCUBA gear, swim fins, masks, water wings, balls, frisbees, inflatable objects, or other similar items- these are some of these items can be authorized for organized programs or classes taking place outside regular hours of operation.  U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets are authorized at all times.

Main Swimming Pool:

Lap Swimming: Tuesday & Thursday 0900-1100

Active Duty Members performing PRT are free.  Mandatory two-person buddy system is recommended.


The following is the tentative program schedule availability of trained and certified staff

Swimming License:

Children ages 16 and under are eligible for a junior swimming license.  A swimming license will allow children to swim alone but only with parents close by.  To obtain the license a child must show swimming competency by completing the swim test.  A parent MUST accompany the child at check-in and must remain inside the pool gates throughout the child's stay.  When entering the pool, the staff at sign-in must check the child's swimming license and issue a disposable wristband.

A swimming license form must be completed legibly by the parent/guardian before the test is given. Upon successful completion of the test, children will receive a swimming license card and a wristband for the rest of the day. The swimming license must be shown each day in order to receive a disposable wristband issued at the time of sign-in.  If they forget the card, they must retake the test. The child's parent or legal guardian must be present at the pool when the test is administered.

Swim Test:

To receive a swimming license, children must take and pass a swimming competency test.  This test consists of:

-Once the tester enters the water they are unable to stop and hold the wall or lane line until the completion of the test
-Jump into the deep end of the pool, fully submerge, return to the surface and immediately begin treading water keeping the head (chin, mouth and nose) above water for 60 seconds
-After completing the 60 second tread, the swimmer must begin swimming a 25 meter front crawl without touching or pushing off the wall
-During the front crawl stroke the swimmer's head must be in the water, breathing to the front or side, the arms must exit the water with full extension on each stroke, and the swimmer may not pause or stop.  After completing the 25 meter swim, the swimmer must exit the pool without assistance, using either the wall or the pool ladder

Learn to Swim Program:

American Red Cross Swim Lessons are $10.00 for the first four initial classes.  Then, classes are $3.00 per class for any subsequent classes.  Classes are conducted on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Instruction Program Levels: 1-4 & Adult are offered
SPLASH Facebook page:

Commander's Cup Aquatic Sports Events:

Commander Cup Aquatic Sports and Aquatic Tournaments are held monthly during the summer.  Sign up at the Fitness Center to participate.


Special Events:

Special events hosted by MWR Aquatics are held at our pools throughout the year.  The pool may be closed for recreational and lap swimming during some of these events.  See your MWR News Blast and social media for the next event.


Pool Party Reservations:

You can reserve a space at the swimming pool for your event.  A pool party request form must be completed and approved by the Aquatics director at least two weeks before the requested date.  Parties held during recreational swim time are $50.00, but the pool and deck areas must be shared with all customers.  Pool party payments are made at the Community Recreation Center.  Catering can only be provided by MWR Food and Beverage facilities.  Reservations are waived when your catering purchase is $300.00 or more from Turtle Cove Catering.  Contact Turtle Cove or 3rd Deck for delivery.  No alcoholic beverages or glass containers are allowed.



Maximum pool capacity is 84 patrons